Hoshizaki Group Mission

Purpose of Existence

The Hoshizaki Group aims to be an evolving enterprise capable of responding to the changes in diversifying culinary requirements and contributing not only to our customers, but to society at large. To fulfil this aim, we manufacture novel products based on the company's original technologies and offer new ideas and prompt, quality service in support of more comfortable and efficient culinary environments.

Corporate Values

  • Creation of a company trusted by society and our employees, based on compliance, with the law.
    • Transparency in business: following business practices that allow for debate and discussion.
    • Harmonisation of business activities and the environment: developing an occupational environment that is easy to work in. 'Good products come from good environments'.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Challenge the LimitsValuing the approach of constantly creating new products, doing the unconventional without fear or failure.
  • Creating Customer SatisfactionAlways considering matters from the customer's perspective.
  • Friendly and CheerfulAiming to have all employees in every job work with friendly relations in a cheerful environment.