Hoshizaki FM machines produce Flake or Nugget Ice for a variety of cooling purposes, making them very popular with some of Europe’s leading supermarket chains, catering companies, cocktail bars and in the medical and health care sectors. The ice is compressed during production to provide long lasting ice. The nature of the ice produced by Hoshizaki ice makers means that ‘freeze burn’ is no longer an issue when displaying fresh fish or produce.

Flake ice: Consists of 70% ice and 30 % of water. It is used primarily for cooling purposes. For instance, in the medical sector it is used for cooling down blood and organs or, in the fish industry, to cool, transport and hold fish.

Nugget Ice: Consists of 80% ice and 20% of water. Nugget Ice is more compressed than Flake Ice and is ideal for display purposes at salad bars or for beverage and fish display.

Cubelet Ice (CM110 only): Consists of 90% ice and 10% water. It is similar in shape to Nugget Ice but is harder of its lower water content it is perfect to serve in drinks.

Hoshizaki ice machines in this range can be converted to either Flake or Nugget Ice relatively inexpensively, providing a higher level of flexibility than other machines on the market.

Carbon auger bearings are used within this range, which are a far more robust alternative to roller bearings, enhancing the life expectancy of your machine, reducing maintenance costs. Quality stainless steel auger and evaporator again increases the life expectancy of these components, meaning your machine should last longer and require less frequent service visits.

Environmental friendly ice makers:Hydrocarbons (HC) are naturally occurring substances that have proven to be some of the most climate friendly and cost efficient refrigerants to heat, cool and freeze. Believing that hydrocarbons will play a major part within the future of refrigeration technology, Hoshizaki has committed to take a leading role in the manufacture of environmental ice makers. When using Hoshizaki’s hydro carbon FM machines, energy consumption is lowered by up to 20% in one unit which also reduces carbon emissions from energy suppliers and saves on operators running costs. Additionally, the FM series units use 100% HFC free CO2 foam insulation which helps to further reduce running costs by helping to maintain a uniform unit temperature and also contributes to the reduction to direct GHG emissions.