Product IM-240DNE (Air Cooled, L Cube)
Ice Production Capacity (kg/24h) 240
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 1084 x 700 x 500
Electrical Supply 1/220-240V/50Hz
Electrical capacity (kW) 1,33
Refrigerant R404A
Weight (kg) 106
Corresponding Bins B-801SA
Also Available IM-240DNE-23 (Air Cooled, ML Cube) IM-240DNE-32 (air cooled, XL cube) IM-240DWNE (Water Cooled, L Cube) IM-240XNE (Air Cooled, L Cube) IM-240XNE-23 (Air Cooled, ML Cube) IM-240XWNE (Water Cooled, L Cube)
Please Note IM-240XNE extension machine for 480 kg DNE+XNE) or 720 kg (DNE+ 2x XNE). It is possible to stack the IM240DNE on top of max two IM-240XNE for a higher production capacity.
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